Community Groups Our church’s mission is to be making disciples with the life-changing gospel to impact the valley and world for Jesus. To carry out this mission, we want to make disciples centered on the Gospel, Community, and Mission. This means we want to see disciples move through this process of loving God through the Gospel, to loving one another in Community, and to serving the world by living on Mission. WHAT are Community Groups?﷯ It is within Community Groups that Christians can build personal relationships and mature as disciples of Jesus by connecting the transforming power of the gospel Word with everyday life. We can see from the Gospels and the book of Acts, Jesus’ and the early church were found making and maturing disciples in a small group of people intentionally experiencing life together. Our Community Groups are created for this purpose. While fellowship and building relationships with one another will be a key component to these groups, it will always be centered on the gospel Word to bring forth gospel change in our life for the glory of Christ. The groups will gather for fellowship, maturing in Christ through the Word, and prayer.  WHERE and WHEN do they take place? Composed of generally ten to fifteen people, these groups typically meet in homes twice a month on an evening that is suitable for everyone. Community Groups will begin in October this year and end in May, but groups may continue to meet throughout the summer at their own discretion. All groups are led by trained lay-leaders from the congregation who receive continued oversight and support from our pastoral staff. WHO can participate? Anyone may participate in a Community Group, and in addition to becoming a member of this church, we strongly encourage anyone that is considering in making this their church home to be a part of one.